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A New Kind of Doll

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Our Inspiration

Doll culture is changing. Young girls no longer relate to Barbies and as times change the women the women that girls look up to change. Our goal is to reinvent the doll that girls play with.

We believe girls should be ENCOURAGED and EMPOWERED from a young age and this begins with the toys they play with. A Sally S.T.E.M. doll begins the story of a girl in computer science. Her imagination nourishes that story.


The Doll

Sally S.T.E.M. is the first character representing a true career-driven woman in S.T.E.M. with multiple opportunities. We hope our Sally S.T.E.M. doll empowers and encourages young children, especially young girls, to pursue analytical S.T.E.M. interests early on in life.


We designed the packaging to make unboxing a joyous personal experience in a child's life. Each Sally S.T.E.M. doll comes with a toy laptop, a toy phone, and a plastic fake toy patent. In addition, each doll and career package comes with a letter from a woman leader in S.T.E.M. Explaining to your child what a patent is and reading them the letter creates a special experience in unboxing the doll.


Our product is being designed in Huntington Beach, CA and will be manufactured in factories which are work-safe and free of child labor.

UPDATE: We are planning on launching in December 2018. Dolls will retail for between $19.99 and $24.99.



Career Packages.


Kids = {Programmers, CEOs, Wall Street traders}

Career packages are sold separately and come with an outfit, props for the career, and a letter from a woman leader in the field. Our current careers include Computer Scientist, CEO, Wall Street, and Professor.

Like our dolls, Career Packages are being designed in Huntington Beach, CA and will be manufactured in work-safe factories free of child labor.

UPDATE: Career Packages are launching Q1 2019 and will retail for between $14.99 and $19.99

Your children are engineers.


[Character-Driven Learning Series]

We are developing a character-driven learning series where children can learn to code through choose-your-own-adventure style stories with Sally S.T.E.M. In the stories, the child chooses the main character's actions and the outcome of the stories. At each step, there will be coding exercises to teach children how to code.

Children develop an attachment to the doll and to the Sally S.T.E.M. character, and when they are interested in coding, can go through our learning series. The doll and the learning series create both a tangible/physical presence and an e-presence for our Sally S.T.E.M. doll.

One such story follows Sally S.T.E.M. as she grows her social media tech startup in Silicon Valley. Young girls can take part in Sally's story and learn to code through a character driven content series driven by stories about Sally running her startup.


Our Team

We’re the co-founders. We’re computer science and engineering students at UC San Diego, and we’ve seen the issue first-hand in classes in our experience in the technology industry. We plan to change that, and we hope you’re on board too.


Moraa Ogamba

Co-Founder @ Sally S.T.E.M. // Computer Engineering @ University of California, San Diego


Roshan Fernando

Co-Founder @ Sally S.T.E.M. // Computer Science @ University of California, San Diego